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About NT EPA

The Northern Territory Environment Protection Authority (NT EPA) is an independent authority established under the Northern Territory Environment Protection Authority Act . The NT EPA consists of a Chairperson and 4 members appointed by the Administrator of the Northern Territory and the Chair of the NT Planning Commission. Appointed members to the NT EPA are required to collectively provide knowledge and experience in a broad range of environmental, business and social disciplines.

The NT EPA provides advice on the environmental impacts of development proposals and advice and regulatory services to encourage effective waste management, pollution control and sustainable practices.

The objectives of the NT EPA are to:

  • promote ecologically sustainable development;
  • protect the environment, having regard to the need to enable ecologically sustainable development;
  • promote effective waste management and waste minimisation strategies; and
  • enhance community and business confidence in the environmental protection regime of the Territory.

The functions of the NT EPA are:

  • Assessment of the environmental impact of development proposals through the administration of the Environmental Assessment Act to ensure that development decisions in the Northern Territory take environmental impact into consideration.
  • Issuing of licences to regulate activities subject to the Waste Management and Pollution Control Act and Part 7 of the Water Act.
  • Administration of the container deposit scheme under the Environment Protection (Beverage Containers and Plastic Bags) Act .
  • Compliance and enforcement activities to reduce the likelihood of environmental harm resulting from pollution.
  • Provision of technical advice to government and the community on waste and pollution management issues.
  • Development of guidance material to promote good environmental practices.
  • Development and implementation of environmental policies and programs including grants programs to assist the community, business and government to adopt sustainable practices.
  • Implementation of national standards that have been adopted in the Northern Territory.

This year the NT EPA finalised its Strategic Plan 2016-2018. The Plan outlines our Vision, Purpose and Values, our four strategic goals, our priorities and outcomes.

Relationship with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources

The Environment Division of the Northern Territory Government Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) provides the NT EPA with staff and facilities to enable it to properly exercise its powers and perform its functions.