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Guidance for Proponents Preparing an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)

Status: OPEN
Comment On: Guideline
Comment Period: 6 July - 19 July 2019


The Northern Territory Environment Protection Authority (NT EPA) invites the public, community and industry to provide comment and feedback on the draft General Guidance for Proponents Preparing an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

About Preparing an Environmental Impact Statement

When the NT EPA has received notification of a proposal, it may decide that the proposal requires assessment under the Environmental Assessment Act 1982. If the NT EPA determines that a proposal will be assessed at the level of an EIS, the proponent is required to prepare the Draft EIS and make it available for public comment.

It is important that the Draft EIS is of an adequate standard to be published for public comment. The NT EPA has developed new guidance for an EIS to clearly communicate their expectations to proponents for the Draft EIS and the remainder of the assessment process. This guidance communicates the generic information that is required, and the structure, standards and protocols that are expected to be used by a proponent preparing an EIS, to help proponents achieve this standard.

In the Draft EIS, proponents are also required to address information requirements that are unique to their individual proposal. These matters are communicated in Terms of Reference (TOR). A draft of the TOR is made available to the public and any comments are considered before the TOR are finalised. Draft TOR for the Hayes Creek Project  are also currently open for public comment and provide additional context for the general guidance.

How to make a submission/comment

1. Download your copy of the draft Guidance
2. Complete the submission form
3. Send your submission form to one of the following by no later than 5pm on Friday 19 July 2019

Post: NT EPA, GPO Box 3675, Darwin NT, 0801
Ph: 08 8924 4218

All comments on the draft guidance will be made available on the NT EPA website. If you do not want your comments or parts of your comments, or your identity made publicly available, you should clearly indicate this in your submission.