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Environmental Assessments documents for comment

Providing opportunities for public participation and consultation is an integral part of environmental impact assessment in the Northern Territory. The Northern Territory Environment Protection Authority (NT EPA) publishes environmental assessment documents for public comment on this comments page.

How do I get involved?

Environmental impact assessment (EIA) refers to the process of assessing the potential environmental impacts of a proposed action or development. The EIA process is administered under the Environmental Assessment Act, which enables statutory decision-makers to make informed decisions about whether a project with potentially significant environmental effects should proceed.

Members of the public can participate in the EIA process by providing written comments on the draft Terms of Reference and the draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) or Public Environmental Report (PER).

The draft Terms of Reference define the required scope of the matters relating to the environment which the proponent shall deal with in the PER or EIS. They are written to lead the proponent to identify, define and address environmental risks associated with the proposed action and to set the scope of environmental studies required to allow for an assessment and decision on the appropriateness of the proposed action. Each Terms of Reference is unique to each project and depend on the associated environmental risks. These are released for public comment for at least 14 calendar days before the Terms of Reference are finalised and published.

If the NT EPA decides that an EIS or PER is required, the proponent is responsible for preparing the draft EIS or PER and undertaking the necessary investigations. The draft EIS or PER is released for public exhibition and consultation. Consultation helps the NT EPA and proponent to identify issues of concern and potential effects, as well as get feedback from stakeholders on project options or potential mitigation measures.

Draft Terms of Reference for comment

ProjectProponent Comments Close Attention to
There are currently no draft Terms of Reference for comment.    

Draft Environmental Impact Statement or Public Environmental Report for comment

ProjectProponent Comments Close Attention to
Rehabilitation of the Former Rum Jungle Mine Site Department of Primary Industry and Resources 6 March 2020 Environmental Assessment Unit

How to have your say

The NT EPA invites interested persons or organisations to make written submissions via e-mail or post to:

NT Environment Protection Authority
GPO Box 3675
Darwin NT 0801

What happens to my comments?

When you make a submission to the NT EPA it will be reviewed and used in the production of EIA documents by the NT EPA. Written submissions will be provided to the Proponent, to assist in preparation of an EIS or PER, and included in summary documentation that may appear on the NT EPA website, unless anonymity or withholding of comments is requested from the public and/or the Proponent. Members of the public who wish their comments to remain confidential or anonymous should specify this in the comments.