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Implementation of the Environment Protection Act 2019

The NT EPA is preparing to implement the Northern Territory Government's newly reformed environmental regulatory regime.

When it commences in the coming months, the Environment Protection Act 2019 will replace the current environmental impact assessment process.

To assist proponents of development proposals and other stakeholders to understand and participate in the new environmental impact assessment process, the NT EPA is developing a series of guidance documents. These will be released for comment over the coming weeks.

Stakeholders are encouraged to visit the NT EPA consultation webpage regularly to stay informed about the development of guidance documents, and to view the draft guidance documents that have been released for public comment.

Draft guidance documents for comment

Draft guidance document Opens for commentCloses Attention to
Environmental impact assessment guidance – the NT EPA's Environmental factors and objectives PDF (337.4 KB) 20 March 2020   Environmental Assessment Unit
Environmental impact assessment guidance for proponents – referring a proposal to the NT EPA PDF (800.1 KB) 20 March 2020   Environmental Assessment Unit

How to have your say

The NT EPA invites interested persons or organisations to make written submissions by:


Address: NT Environment Protection Authority, GPO Box 3675, Darwin NT 0801

What happens to my comments?

When you make a submission to the NT EPA on the draft guidance documents for implementation of the Environment Protection Act 2019, it will be reviewed and considered in the preparation of environmental impact assessment guidance documents.

Members of the public who wish their comments to remain confidential or anonymous should specify this in their comments.