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National Policy and Coordination

Heads of EPA Australia and New Zealand

The Northern Territory Environment Protection Authority participates in the Heads of EPA (HEPA) forum which is a high level forum for the heads of environment protection regulators in Australia and New Zealand to share knowledge and experiences, create and promote greater jurisdictional coherence in regulatory practice and policy, and identify opportunities and priorities for improved approaches to nationally consistent or harmonised regulation.

National Certification of Environmental Practitioners Working Group

The HEPA National Certification of Environmental Practitioners Working Group was established in 2015 with the task of developing a framework to improve confidence in the quality, reliability and accountability of environmental reports and documentation provided to government agencies by environmental practitioners.

The Working Group investigated existing certification schemes and standards in Australia, New Zealand and internationally to identify the most effective criteria and process for certification of environmental practitioners, and developed a set of principles to guide environmental practitioner certification bodies. These principles were endorsed by HEPA in 2017 and are available for download.