Winchelsea Island Manganese Mine Project

Opened 1 Jun 2021

Closes 29 Jun 2021

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Winchelsea Mining Pty Ltd is proposing to develop and operate a new open cut manganese mine on Winchelsea Island about 600 km southeast of Darwin.

The proposal is for shallow strip mining to extract ore and overburden, and the development of associated mine infrastructure.

Why we are consulting

Your feedback plays an important role and will be considered by the NT EPA in deciding whether the varied proposed action requires environmental impact assessment, and if so the required method of assessment. Consultation helps the NT EPA and proponent to identify issues of concern and potential effects, as well as get feedback from stakeholders on project options or potential mitigation measures. The NT EPA has prepared guidance for making a public submission PDF (260.9 KB) that outlines when comments will be sought, how to make an effective comment and what will happen to your comment.


The significant variation documents are available at Winchelsea Island Manganese Mine Project

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