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Projects Currently under Assessment

The following projects are currently subject to review under the Environmental Assessment Act 1982. During this period, there will be the opportunity for public to comment at the various stages in the assessment process. Documents open for comment are listed on the Projects for Public Comment page .

Abbreviations used on this page:

  • EIS - Environmental Impact Statement
  • PER - Public Environmental Report

Recent decisions that an EIS / PER is required

Project Proponent NT EPA Decision &Statement of Reasons Date of Decision
Yarram Iron OreTerritory Iron Pty LtdDecision & Statement of Reasons28 August 2018

Draft Terms of Reference for the preparation of an EIS / PER

Project Proponent Exhibition
There are currently no Terms of Reference for comment  

Terms of Reference for the preparation of an EIS / PER

Project Proponent Date Issued
Darwin Ship Lift and Marine Industries (SLAMI) ProjectDepartment of Trade, Business and Innovation12 December 2019
Rehabilitation of the Former Rum Jungle Mine Site
(altered proposal)
Department of Primary Industry and Resources12 November 2019
Hayes Creek ProjectPNX Metals Limited2 August 2019
Roper Valley Iron Ore ProjectNorthern Territory Iron Ore Pty Ltd17 November 2017
Darwin Processing Facility TNG Limited 20 May 2016
Bayview - The Boulevarde Dover Investments Pty Ltd 5 August 2015
Tropical Tidal Testing Centre Tenax Energy Pty Ltd 12 December 2014
East Point Outfall Project Power and Water Corporation 18 October 2014
Frances Creek Mine (Elizabeth Marion Area) Territory Iron Pty Ltd 6 October 2014
Clarence Strait Tidal Energy Project Tenax Energy 8 July 2009

Draft EIS / PER submitted

Project Proponent Exhibition Dates
Darwin Processing FacilityTNG Limited30 November 2019 - 21 February 2020
Union Reefs North Underground MineNT Mining Operations Pty Ltd30 November 2019 - 17 January 2020
Toms Gully Underground Project Primary Gold Limited 26 September  - 6 November 2015
Ranger 3 Deeps Underground Mine Energy Resources of Australia Pty Ltd 4 October - 13 December 2014