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Environmental Assessment Guidelines

The Environmental Assessment Act 1982 requires the Northern Territory Environment Protection Authority (NT EPA) to assess and provide advice to the Minister for the Environment on development proposals.

Assessment Guidelines are issued by the NT EPA to assist proponents, consultants and the general public to understand and where appropriate comply with the NT EPA's information requirements for the environmental impact assessment process (EIA). The documents provide a basis from which the NT EPA is able assess proposals and provide recommendations to the Minister, and enable proponents to develop environmentally acceptable development proposals. The information requirements are intended to provide best practice approaches to environmental assessment and management.

Proponents are welcome to and urged to develop and use better approaches and/or methods that more efficiently and effectively achieve similarly appropriate outcomes. The NT EPA is willing to discuss and learn from appropriate alternative approaches and methods developed by proponents, consultants or the public.

Policies, guidelines and fact sheets will be added when available and on completion of consultation with the community, industry and government agencies.