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Projects Not Requiring Assessment

In February 2017, the Northern Territory Environment Protection Authority (NT EPA) established a public register of proposals that do not require environmental impact assessment (EIA). In making the decision that a proposal does not require EIA, the NT EPA will have examined details of the proposal in consultation with NT Government agencies, and undertaken preliminary investigations and inquiries about the proposal’s potential environmental impacts and risks.

To explain such decisions, the NT EPA will also publish a ‘Statement of Reasons’ thereby enhancing transparency and public confidence about those decisions made under the Environmental Assessment Act.

Where the NT EPA has decided that the impacts of the proposal are not so significant as to warrant an EIA under the Environmental Assessment Act, the NT EPA may recommend proposal-specific environmental conditions be imposed under other approving legislation to ensure that environmental issues associated with the proposal are effectively managed.

ProjectProponentNT EPA Decision &
Statement of Reasons 
Date of Decision
INPEX Maintenance Dredging and Spoil DisposalINPEX Operations Australia Pty LtdDecision & Statement of Reasons26 July 2017
Tanami Exploration ProjectABM Resources NLDecision & Statement of Reasons29 June 2017
Keep River Plains Road UpgradeDepartment of Infrastructure, Planning and LogisticsDecision & Statement of Reasons5 June 2017
Darwin Luxury HotelLandbridge GroupDecision & Statement of Reasons16 May 2017
Wadham Lagoon Flood Mitigation WorksDepartment of Infrastructure, Planning and LogisticsDecision & Statement of Reasons10 May 2017
Rapid Creek Catchment Flood Mitigation WorksDepartment of Infrastructure, Planning and LogisticsDecision & Statement of Reasons20 March 2017
Sunday Creek East Project 2016Ostojic Group Pty LtdDecision & Statement of Reasons10 March 2017
Berrimah Farm DevelopmentHalikos Developments Pty LtdDecision & Statement of Reasons22 February 2017
Port MelvilleEzion Logistics Hub (Tiwi) Pty LtdDecision & Statement of Reasons16 October 2015