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Supplement to Environmental Impact Statement

Supplement to Environmental Impact Statement Type
Main Report PDF 8.9 MB
A Submissions Received on Draft EIS PDF 2.6 MB
B Independent Review of Water Management Plan PDF 354.0 KB
C Groundwater Model PDF 574.0 KB
D Preliminary Mine Site Water Balance PDF 3.8 MB
E Surface Water Modelling PDF 5.2 MB
F Water Management Plan PDF 8.4 MB
G Traffic Impact Statement PDF 3.8 MB
H Preliminary Design of TSF and Water Storages PDF 18.6 MB
I Grants Pit Sterilisation Report PDF 1.3 MB
J Material Safety Data Sheets - Ferrosilicon PDF 344.7 KB
K Mine Closure Plan PDF 5.3 MB
L Blast Management Framework PDF 553.9 KB
M Social Impact Management Plan PDF 438.8 KB
N Erosion and Sediment Control Plan PDF 3.9 MB
O Journey Management Plan PDF 640.6 KB
P Draft Emergency Response Plan PDF 589.9 KB