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Draft Environmental Impact Statement

Jervois Base Metal Project

Draft Environmental Impact Statement Type
Executive Summary PDF 17.0 MB
Table of Contents PDF 199.5 KB
Table of Contents - List of Figures PDF 144.9 KB
Table of Contents - List of Tables PDF 161.9 KB
Abbreviations and Glossary PDF 204.5 KB
1 Introduction PDF 2.9 MB
2 Project Description PDF 2.5 MB
3.1 Physical Environment PDF 4.7 MB
3.2 Biological Environment PDF 7.1 MB
3.3 Cultural and Historic Environment PDF 3.4 MB
3.4 Socio-economic Environment PDF 1.5 MB
4 Impact Assessment PDF 528.1 KB
4.1 Terrestrial Flora and Vegetation PDF 5.6 MB
4.2 Terrestrial Environmental Quality PDF 426.4 KB
4.3 Terrestrial Fauna PDF 1.7 MB
4.4 Hydrological Processes PDF 4.7 MB
4.5 Inland Waters Environmental Quality PDF 1.1 MB
4.6 Air, Greenhouse Gases and Noise PDF 1.4 MB
4.7 Social, Economic and Cultural Surrounds PDF 499.1 KB
4.8 Human Health PDF 402.4 KB
4.9 Cumulative Impacts - Landscape, Biophysical, Social, Economic PDF 286.9 KB
5 Environmental Management Plan PDF 10.4 MB
6 References PDF 183.6 KB
A-1 Terms of Reference Cross Reference Table PDF 604.8 KB
A-2 Terms of Reference PDF 441.3 KB
B EIS Commitments PDF 347.5 KB
C-1 Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) Study PDF 6.9 MB
C-2 Traffic and Transport Impact Assessment PDF 8.3 MB
C-3 Air, GHG ande Noise Impact Assessment PDF 12.2 MB
C-4 Soils Study PDF 10.1 MB
C-5 Surface Water Impact Assessment PDF 9.0 MB
C-6 Groundwater Impact Assesment PDF 9.1 MB
C-7 Flora and fauna Impact Assessment PDF 5.1 MB
C-8 Archaeological Impact Assessment PDF 4.5 MB
C-9 Social Impact Assessment and Community Engagement PDF 4.4 MB
C-10 Economic Impact Assessment PDF 2.6 MB
C-11 Risk Assessment Report PDF 687.2 KB
C-12 Tailings Storage Facility Design Concept PDF 112.8 KB
C-13 Relevant Legislation PDF 326.5 KB
D Personnel Qualifications and Experience PDF 263.7 KB