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Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)

Katherine to Gove Gas Pipeline

Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Type
Executive Summary PDF 851.2 KB
Table of Contents PDF 325.4 KB
1 Introduction PDF 486.8 KB
2 Project Description PDF 638.1 KB
3 Project Alternatives PDF 652.3 KB
4 Existing Environmental Overview PDF 712.6 KB
5 Risk Assessment PDF 606.5 KB
6 Landform and Soils PDF 648.2 KB
7 Water Resources PDF 898.6 KB
8 Vegetation PDF 975.4 KB
9 Terrestrial and Aquatic Fauna PDF 737.3 KB
10 Matters of National Environmental Significance PDF 3.0 MB
11 Parks, Reserves and Areas of High Conservation Value PDF 1.3 MB
12 Air Quality PDF 403.5 KB
13 Aboriginal and Historic Cultural Heritage PDF 406.3 KB
14 Land Use, Infrastructure and Amenity Considerations PDF 478.0 KB
15 Social and Economic Considerations PDF 378.5 KB
16 Health and Safety PDF 205.2 KB
17 Management Framework PDF 193.2 KB
Acronyms and Glossary PDF 197.8 KB
References PDF 253.9 KB
A Economic Evaluation PDF 1.9 MB
B Water Resources PDF 4.0 MB
C Vegetation and Flora Study PDF 4.7 MB
D Terrestrial Fauna Study PDF 9.6 MB
E Aquatic Fauna Report PDF 1.6 MB
F Species Habitat Associations PDF 1.1 MB
G Air Quality Assessment PDF 2.7 MB
H Greenhouse Gas Assessment - Pipeline PDF 719.2 KB
I Greenhouse Gas Assessment - Alumina Refinery PDF 372.6 KB
J Heritage and Archaeology Assessment PDF 2.0 MB
K Protected Matters Search (EPBC Act) PDF 316.5 KB
L Environmental Noise Assessment PDF 790.5 KB
M Social Impact Assessment and Social Impact Management Plan PDF 1.4 MB
N Preliminary Risk Assessment PDF 686.7 KB
O Environment Management Plan PDF 949.4 KB
P Final EIS Guidelines issued by NT EPA PDF 243.3 KB
Q Freshwater Sawfish PDF 684.0 KB
R Cross Reference Table of EIS Sections to EIS Guidelines PDF 246.8 KB
S Stakeholder Engagement List PDF 206.0 KB
T EIS Contributors PDF 3.8 MB
U Site Selection Protocol PDF 210.1 KB
V Detailed Route Maps PDF 8.4 MB