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Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)

Noonamah Ridge Estate

Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Type
Table of Contents PDF 797.8 KB
Executive Summary PDF 7.3 MB
1 Context PDF 2.1 MB
2 Project Description PDF 9.2 MB
3 Existing Environment PDF 6.2 MB
4 Economic and Social Context PDF 2.0 MB
5 Risk Assessment PDF 3.1 MB
6 Environmental Management Plan PDF 3.9 MB
7 Social Impact Management Plan PDF 747.8 KB
8 Commitments PDF 702.3 KB
9 Acronyms, Glossary and References PDF 764.0 KB
A Terms of Reference PDF 1022.4 KB
B List of People Involved in Compiling the EIS PDF 616.8 KB
C1 Traffic Impact Assessment PDF 7.1 MB
C2 Conceptual Traffic Management Plan PDF 983.8 KB
C3 Construction Traffic Monitoring Report PDF 896.7 KB
D Recreational Lake and Subgrade Suitability (Preliminary Geotechnical Investigation) PDF 2.2 MB
E Groundwater Report PDF 2.7 MB
F Surface Water Quality Monitoring Report PDF 3.8 MB
G Land Suitability Assessment PDF 20.0 MB
H Land Capability Assessment PDF 2.7 MB
I Flora and Fauna Report PDF 18.7 MB
J Aquatic Ecology Report PDF 3.5 MB
K Biting Insects Assessment Report PDF 3.1 MB
L Archaeological Survey Report PDF 5.0 MB
M AAPA Certificate PDF 4.6 MB
N Consultation Register PDF 854.1 KB
O Draft Area Plan and Principles PDF 600.0 KB
P Draft Specific Use Zone Text PDF 650.2 KB
Q Rezoning Application Statement of Effect PDF 7.7 MB