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Rehabilitation of the Former Rum Jungle Mine Site

Department of Primary Industry and Resources

The Department of Primary Industry and Resources, the Proponent, proposes rehabilitation activities to address long-term environmental legacy issues at the former Rum Jungle mine site, including the satellite sites Mount Fitch and Mount Burton, located 6 km north of Batchelor, Northern Territory.

The Project would involve backfilling a former mine pit at the site with material from the existing waste rock dumps and consolidating the remaining waste rock, and any residual contaminated soil, to a new purpose-built waste rock dump. Waste rock from Mount Burton would be relocated to the purpose built facility at the site. The Mount Fitch pit would be backfilled with material from the existing waste rock dump. Leading practice landform and cover designs would be developed and implemented for the infilled pits and the new waste rock dump. Cover materials would be sourced from an offsite borrow pit.

Ancillary activities include dewatering, treating and discharging contaminated water, native vegetation clearing for new borrow pit areas and road and bridge construction, and landform re-design and rehabilitation of the remnant mine features, including the waste rock dumps, tailing dams, borrow pits and haul roads. 

The NT EPA decided that the Rehabilitation of the Former Rum Jungle Mine Site requires assessment under the Environmental Assessment Act at the level of an EIS. It is a controlled action and will require assessment and approval under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 before it can proceed. The proposal is being assessed under the bilateral agreement between the NT and Australian Governments. The NT EPA issued Terms of Reference for the preparation of the EIS on 17 March 2017.

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