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Container Deposit Scheme Infrastructure Grants

2016 - 2017 Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) Infrastructure Grants are now open

These grants provide one off funding for businesses and organisations to purchase equipment or infrastructure for establishing CDS Collection Depots or Collection Points in regional and remote locations throughout the Northern Territory.

  • A Collection Depot is a facility for collecting and handling regulated containers. It is required to pay the refund amount of $0.10 per container to the person or business that is delivered it to the depot. To operate a Collection Depot you must hold an approval to operate issued by the NT EPA. To operate without this approval is an offence under the Act.

  • Collection Points are usually operated by organisations, such as a school or sporting club to collect regulated containers to raise funds for the organisation. The organisation then takes the collection of donated containers to an approved Collection Depot to collect the refunds.

Amount Available

All complete applications will be considered; however eligible applicants are encouraged to limit their applications to $30,000.


The grant is available to incorporated organisations that wish to acquire infrastructure for a collection depot or collection point in the Northern Territory, for the benefit of the Northern Territory. Further, to be eligible your organisation must:

  • Have audited accounts and annual reports if required by legislation
  • Not retain un-acquitted funding from previous NT EPA or NT Government Grants where the acquittal due date (including any extensions) has expired

Please refer to the CDS Infrastructure Grants Guidelines for more information on eligibility and what grant funding can be used for. The guidelines also go through what is expected in an application and includes the assessment criteria against which applications will be judged.

Application Process

The 2016-2017 grants round will be an “Open” Grant round with applications being assessed and paid out (if successful) as they are received.  Applications will be accepted while funds are available or until Monday 17 October 2016. Applications are assessed by an independent panel against the assessment criteria and recommendations are made to the NT EPA who makes the final funding decision.

Currently, the application process requires downloading and completing the CDS Infrastructure Grants application form. Before beginning an application, it is recommended you read the CDS Infrastructure Grant Guidelines

This outlines what is expected in a grant application and includes the assessment criteria against which applications will be judged. The guidelines go though each question on the application and explain what is expected.

NOTE: Work is being done to change the application process to being completely online. There is no schedule for this at the moment but notice will be provided before it goes live and there will be a transition period where the paper based applications will still be accepted.

Completed applications may be submitted by one of the following methods:

Email (Preferred Option)
Email with “CDS Infrastructure Application 2016-2017” in the subject line.

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