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Open for Comment - Draft Terms of Reference for the Preparation of an Environmental Impact StatementAmmaroo Phosphate Project

21 Nov 2014

Rum Jungle Resources propose to develop a phosphate mine located approximately 200 km south-east of Tennant Creek on the Ammaroo Pastoral Lease.  The Ammaroo Phosphate Project involves the open cut mining of shallow phosphate deposits, ore beneficiation, processing and transport to markets, for use in manufacture of fertilisers.  Mine life is expected to last more than 25 years.  Project footprint would be at least 17.5 square km's. Infrastructure components vary with processing options, but could include: a phosphoric acid plant, sulfuric acid plant, 90km infrastructure corridors containing haul road, power-lines and pipeline, 25km gas pipeline, tailings storage facility, accommodation village (100-250 person); power station, East Arm Port stockpile and export facilities.

The Northern Territory Environment Protection Authority (NT EPA) decided that the Ammaroo Phosphate Project requires assessment under the Environmental Assessment Act at the level of an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

The NT EPA has prepared draft Terms of Reference that define the required scope of matters relating to the environment which shall be dealt with in the EIS for the Project. They are written to identify, define and address environmental risks associated with the proposed action and to set the scope of environmental studies required to allow for an assessment and decision on the appropriateness of the proposed action.

The draft Terms of Reference document is available for public and government comment for 14 business days commencing on Saturday 22 November 2014. Interested persons and organisations wishing to comment on the draft Terms of Reference are invited to make written submissions on or before Friday 5 December 2014.

To obtain a copy of the draft Terms of Reference and to make a submission, visit our comments page