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Media Release: NT EPA issues Environmental Protection Licence to Australian Agricultural Company Limited (AACo)

31 Oct 2014

The Northern Territory Environment Protection Authority (NT EPA) has today issued an Environmental Protection Licence (EPL 131) to the Australian Agricultural Company Limited (AACo).

NT EPA Chairman Dr Bill Freeland said the Licence will enable the storage, recycling, treatment and disposal of listed waste in association with an abattoir, located in Livingstone, Northern Territory.

"The licence allows for a staged commissioning process to enable a refinement of environmental management processes prior to initiating full processing of up to 1000 head of cattle per day," Dr Freeland said.

The Environmental Protection Licence requires measures for the protection and monitoring of surrounding environmental areas such as:

  • Requiring  AACO to maintain and implement their Operational Environmental Management Plan (OEMP) and other supporting documents such as an Irrigation Management Plan;
  • requiring that no environmental harm is caused;
  • specifying water quality limits before the release of treated wastewater to irrigation areas;
  • no treated or untreated waste water is to be discharged directly off-site;
  • preventing erosion and requiring the diversion of stormwater from any contaminated areas of the site;
  • capturing of odours throughout the processing system with a requirement for the development of an air quality monitoring program;
  • undertaking monitoring in line with AACo's water quality monitoring plan and irrigation management plan for the NT EPA's review;
  • requiring the licensee to report any exceedance of water quality trigger values to the NT EPA;
  • requiring the development and implementation of an emergency response plan.
  • requiring the reporting of any non-compliance to the NT EPA
  • off-site disposal of solid wastes (e.g. cattle dung) to licenced facilities off-site

"Conditional on this licence is an annual requirement for the company to undertake a review of the meeting of all conditions of approval," Dr Freeland said.

To view the licence please go to

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