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Hydraulic Fracturing Inquiry

13 May 2014

The NT EPA has welcomed the appointment of Dr Allan Hawke AC to conduct the Northern Territory inquiry into the potential environmental impacts of hydraulic fracturing.

Following the recommendation for an inquiry made on 20 February 2014 by the Hon Peter Chandler, Minister for Lands, Planning, and the Environment, Chief Minister Adam Giles announced the appointment of Dr Hawke to undertake the inquiry.

The inquiry will consider “hydraulic fracturing for hydrocarbon deposits in the Territory, including the assessment of the environmental risks and actual environmental impacts of hydraulic fracturing and the effectiveness of mitigation measures”.

Hydraulic fracturing is a process that has potential to occur over very large areas of the Territory. Its wide potential use and the significant public interest require that the process be investigated and appropriate management options assessed.

The NT EPA supports this inquiry as an appropriate mechanism to acquire information on fracturing from multiple sources, provide a public and independent assessment of the technology and its potential impacts, and provide recommendations for the mitigation of potential impacts from fracturing.

The NT EPA expects to use the outcomes of the inquiry to develop environmental assessment guidelines or standards to assess and manage fracturing activities in the Northern Territory.

For more information and to make a submission, visit the dedicated website.