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Media Release: NT EPA Announces Grants

11 Aug 2015

The Northern Territory Environment Protection Authority (NT EPA) has announced recipients of its grants.

The NT EPA chair, Dr Bill Freeland, congratulated recipients of the 2014/2015 Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) Infrastructure Grants and the 2015/2016 Environment Grants.

Dr Freeland said the grants raised the awareness of the problem of waste and pollution generated in our everyday lives and encouraged implementation of the waste hierarchy of avoid, reduce, reuse, recycle, treat and dispose; in order of declining desirability.

Six school and 30 project grants were awarded to organisations to deal with these issues of waste and pollution in the Northern Territory for the 2015/2016 Environment Grant.

Eleven organisations were awarded funding through the 2014/2015 CDS Infrastructure Grants to facilitate greater public access to the scheme in the Northern Territory.

Grants total $523,859.

A second round of School Grants will be opened later this year to provide schools in the Northern Territory with another opportunity to engage students in the areas of waste and pollution. For more information ring the Environment Grants Manager on (08) 8924 4002.

A full list of Grant Recipients is available.