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Media Release: NT EPA launches Environment Protection Licences Online

12 Jun 2015

The Northern Territory Environment Protection Authority (NT EPA) is excited to announce the launch of 'NT EPA Online' – a system that allows greater independence for licence holders to apply for, and manage, Environment Protection Licences online.

In the Territory an Environmental Protection Licence is usually required to operate a landfill, or to handle listed wastes. Listed wastes are regulated by the NT EPA, and include asbestos, batteries, tyres, waste oil and sewage sludge.

NT EPA online will allow all new, renewed or amended Environment Protection Licences to be developed and managed via the online system. This will allow businesses to manage multiple licences under one account. The new service will also remove the requirement to re-issue new licences based on simple amendments.

Along with the added convenience of applying for, and managing, licences online, the system has been designed to allow for an assessment of environmental risk associated with regulated activities. The online platform has in-built reporting functions, notifications and online payment features, which will further improve the efficiency of the NT EPA when engaging with industry.

The new system has been thoroughly tested by internal and external stakeholders, and is accompanied by an online User Guide.

NT EPA Online will be expanded in the future to provide a similar pathway for Environment Protection Approvals and Waste Discharge Licences, and in the longer term cater for environmental impact assessments, contaminated lands management and waste tracking.

NT EPA Online is now live, and can be accessed through the NT EPA website on the How to Apply page.

Media Contact: Hollie Young 0437 868 115