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Media Release: Unauthorised waste disposal at Alice Springs Turf Club

15 Oct 2015

The NT Environment Protection Authority (NT EPA) has ordered both Probuild and the Alice Springs Turf Club to develop and implement a plan to manage waste illegally buried at the race track.

In May 2015, the NT EPA verified a report that waste was being buried at the Alice Springs Turf Club and issued a notice to undertake an environmental audit of the burial site.

NT EPA Chair Dr Bill Freeland said the audit has revealed there was no hazardous material at the site but that it has been used for the unauthorised burial of building materials for some time.

"As well as preparing a strategy to manage the waste, each party has been issued with infringement notices for breaching the Waste Management and Pollution Control Act," Dr Freeland said.

The waste management plan is subject to NT EPA approval following its independent review by an appropriately qualified independent person.

For further information please contact:

NT EPA Media on 0437 458 213