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Media Release: NT EPA team monitoring Darwin Harbour spill situation

20 Aug 2016

The Northern Territory Environment Protection Authority has today continued investigating yesterday's oil spill in Darwin Harbour.

The chair of the NT EPA, Dr Bill Freeland, said that with a spill of this nature, which involved the formation of a thin sheen of oil, it was not possible to take any remedial measures. It was standard practice to wait for it to disperse.

"The EPA was first notified of a 3-litre oil spill at East Arm Wharf at 6.15am yesterday and after requesting further information at 6.45am, our team left for the site at 7.30am. From then, we have continued our investigations," Dr Freeland said.

At this stage, there is really nothing more to add to the media reports which I gave from midday to 6pm yesterday," he said.

For further information: Helen Farquhar 0437 458 213.