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Media Release: Environmental impact of schooner sinking minimal

08 Mar 2016

The sinking of a 26m schooner in the Frances Bay Mooring Basin last night has caused minimal environmental impact.

The chair of the NT Environment Protection Authority, Dr Bill Freeland, said NT EPA officers attended the scene this morning and found most of the fuel was still on board the vessel. Dr Freeland said the Alfred Nobel might contain around 1600 litres of diesel fuel.

“The officers met with Department of Lands, Planning and the Environment staff who were managing the incident at the Duck Pond because it is part of Crown land.

“The vessel was ringed by sorbent booms and inside the ring were sorbent sheets, “ Dr Freeland said.

NT EPA officers have provided advice to DLPE on the measures to physically contain and remove the diesel on the water and in the vessel.

Dr Freeland said the incident was continuing to be being managed by DLPE in line with the NT Oil Spill Contingency Plan with advice from the NT EPA.

The vessel will be salvaged and appropriate measures put in place to contain any further likely leaks or spills.

For further information please contact: NT EPA Media on 0437 458 213