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Media Release: More odour modelling requested

09 Feb 2016

The NT Environmental Protection Authority’s review of AACo’s audit of odours emanating from its Livingstone meat processing facility has found that odours are likely to continue to be experienced in the vicinity of the facility.

The chair of the NT EPA, Dr Bill Freeland, said inadequacies in the data used for odour modelling posed an ongoing risk to the smooth operation of AACo’s facilities.

AACo has been notified the NT EPA considers there are significant uncertainties in the data used for the analyses. These include:

  • meteorological information, the sources and locations of odour emissions, estimates of future rates of emissions and the potential for cumulative impacts
  • a failure to include all on-site sources of odour in the air dispersion modelling
  • failure to consider potential cumulative impacts from odour arising from adjacent land uses
  • the nature and magnitude of emissions from the irrigation areas – the largest odour source

Dr Freeland said it was important these deficiencies were amended, especially in light of the predicted continuance of odours outside the site’s boundaries, and potential for distress among neighbours of the facility.

“The NT EPA has indicated that it may be beneficial for the company to undertake additional odour modelling and investigate additional mitigation methods, such as moving its proposed aeration pond further from its property boundary, “ Dr Freeland said.

Submissions from North Australian Beef Limited (AACo), Livingstone Beef - Odour Audit and Livingstone Beef – Odour Management Plan, and an associated Consideration of Sites for Wastewater Treatment Plant and Wet Season Storage Dam, can be found on the NT EPA website at

For further information: Helen Farquhar 0437 458 213