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Media Release: NT EPA Online improves environmental protection

15 Mar 2016

The Northern Territory Environment Protection Authority is pleased to announce two new online tools, to improve environmental protection outcomes for businesses and the community.

NT EPA Chair Dr Bill Freeland says the online tools will make compliance easier and more effective, enabling businesses to make multiple applications for environment protection approvals online, and community members to make pollution complaints online.

The addition of this new module to the NT EPA Online system will allow businesses to apply online for environment protection approvals.

In the Northern Territory, an environment protection approval is usually required to construct, install or carry out works in relation to landfills, listed waste storage, re-cycling, treatment or disposal and liquefied natural gas (LNG) or methanol premises.

Along with the existing functions this new module will allow all new and amended environment protection approvals to be developed and managed online.  This will allow businesses to manage multiple licences and approvals under the one account.

Dr Freeland said NT EPA Online is continuing to be expanded with additional modules in the pipeline that will provide similar pathways for waste discharge licences, environmental impact assessments and in the longer term contaminated lands management and waste tracking.

Additionally, reporting pollution in the NT has also been improved, with reporting now available via a simple three-step process on the NT EPA website, as well as the 24 hour Pollution Hotline.

The three-step process is easy to use, and guides users through the information required to report a pollution incident.  The process covers the full range of reports including major incidents, illegal dumping, noise, water and air pollution and odour issues.

Importantly, there is an option for your pollution complaint to remain anonymous, if preferred.  All reports are followed up and investigated by NT EPA Officers, and where possible, feedback provided directly to the person making the report.

Dr Freeland said this is a first for the Territory and reinforces the important role that the community has in reporting pollution.

“The public are the NT EPA’s eyes and ears and have played an important role in reporting many significant reports which have led to formal enforcement action by the NT EPA.

“We have seen a dramatic increase in reports from the public over the last two years and this additional service will enhance our service obligations.   I encourage the community to use this important initiative.”

For further information please contact:
NT EPA Media on 0437 458 213