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Open for Comment Project Sea Dragon Bynoe Harbour

11 Nov 2016

Project Sea Dragon Pty Ltd has released the draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Core Breeding Centre and Broodstock Maturation Centre (the Project) for four weeks for public review.

The Project is located on vacant unregistered crown land at Point Ceylon on the southern side of Bynoe Harbour, approximately 120km by road from Darwin and is one component of the larger Project Sea Dragon which includes:

  • A hatchery proposed to be located near Darwin. The hatchery would be considered under the Environmental Assessment Act (EA Act) through a separate Notice of Intent
  • The Stage 1 Legune Grow-out Facility proposed for Legune Station, which is being assessed separately under the EA Act at the level of an environmental impact statement (EIS)

The core breeding centre is to be used for the development, production and selection of high performing prawn stock. The top performing individual prawns would be transferred to the broodstock maturation centre to produce commercial numbers of broodstock for use in the hatchery. The Project is proposed to be staged but will be assessed at full scale.

The Project has a nominal 40 year operating life and will include a total development footprint for the centres, including seawater intake pipeline and discharge channels of approximately 151 ha.

The draft Environmental Impact Statement is now available for public comment. Comments are to be submitted on or before 9 December 2016.

To obtain a copy of the draft Environmental Impact Statement and to make a submission visit