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Media Release:
Better Air Quality Monitoring in Darwin

05 Jul 2017

The Northern Territory Environment Protection Authority (NT EPA) has welcomed a $250,000 investment by the INPEX-operated LNG Project towards better air quality monitoring in Darwin.

The $250,000 investment has paid for the purchase, installation and covers the initial 12 month operational costs for a new ambient air quality monitoring station at Stokes Hill Wharf.

The new monitoring station has recently completed several weeks of rigorous testing and calibrating, joining stations at Palmerston and Winnellie as part of the Darwin air quality monitoring network.

NT EPA chairman Dr Paul Vogel said Stokes Hill is closest to the most densely populated part of the Northern Territory, being Darwin’s CBD, with air monitoring results available in real time via the ntepa website.

“This new station will be down-wind of large industrial facilities and shipping zones, providing us with a clearer picture of Darwin’s air quality,” Dr Vogel said.

“As part of the air quality monitoring network, this new station will allow the NT EPA and community to monitor air quality and ensure that air emissions from industrial development in the harbour are within acceptable limits.

“I thank the INPEX-led Ichthys LNG Project for this vital investment as data gathered from the air quality monitoring network will enable policy makers and people with air quality sensitive conditions, such as asthma, to make informed decisions on air quality management or behaviour change to limit exposure when air emissions are elevated.”

INPEX’s General Manager Darwin, Sean Kildare said: “INPEX is fully committed to deliver beneficial outcomes for the Northern Territory through our voluntary offsets agreement with the Northern Territory Government.

“These outcomes include environmental and social programmes that will be undertaken during the life of the Ichthys LNG Project.

“To date, we have completed five offset programmes, with several more currently underway.”