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Media Release
NT EPA recommend approval of Project Sea Dragon Stage 1 Legune Grow-out Facility

24 Mar 2017

The NT EPA has today recommended approval of Project Sea Dragon Pty Ltd’s proposal to build and operate a new prawn grow-out facility at Legune Station, near the Western Australia border.

Once built and operational, the Stage 1 Legune Grow-out Facility, proposed by Project Sea Dragon Pty Ltd, will produce approximately 14,000 tonnes of black tiger prawns per annum.

NT EPA Chairman, Dr Paul Vogel, said that following a thorough assessment of the proposal’s potential environmental impacts, the EPA believes the proposal can be managed in an environmentally acceptable manner subject to the imposition of 13 recommendations.

“Project Sea Dragon will need to address each of these recommendations that include the establishment of a Scientific Advisory Group to oversee the development and implementation of a waterbird monitoring and mitigation program,” Dr Vogel said.

“Other recommendations include an independent review of the water quality monitoring program and public availability of the Environmental Management Plan (EMP) that includes management strategies for acid sulfate soils, air and noise pollution, bushfires, cultural heritage, effluent, erosion and sediment control, fauna, ground and surface water, hazardous materials, land and soils, social impact, traffic, vegetation, waste, weeds and pests.

“Furthermore, an independent audit of compliance against the EMP has also been recommended to be conducted at the end of five years after the project commences operations with the results reported to the NT EPA and the NT Department of Primary Industry and Resources.

“The NT EPA has provided Assessment Report 80 to the proponent and Minister for Environment and Natural Resources.”

The Minister will now provide the report to the Minister for Primary Industry and Resources who will decide whether to grant an aquaculture licence for the construction and operation of the Legune Grow-out Facility under the Fisheries Act and if so, the conditions that should apply.

Go to to view the NT EPA’s Assessment Report on Project Sea Dragon Pty Ltd’s Stage 1 Legune Grow-out Facility.

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