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Media Release
NT EPA Recommends Approval of the Northern Gas Pipeline

03 Feb 2017

The Northern Territory Environment Protection Authority (NT EPA) has recommended approval to construct and operate the Northern Gas Pipeline within the Northern Territory.

Once built and operational, the gas pipeline will connect the Amadeus Gas Pipeline near Tennant Creek to the Carpentaria Gas Pipeline near Mount Isa.

The pipeline would be 622 km long, with about 457 km of it located in the Northern Territory.

NT EPA Chairman, Dr Paul Vogel, said the proposal can be managed without unacceptable impacts to the environment provided it complies with each recommendation.

“The NT EPA has undertaken a thorough examination of Jemena’s proposal to build this pipeline and has made eight recommendations as part of our Assessment Report released today,” Dr Vogel said.

“Jemena will need to address each of these recommendations that cover water, flora and vegetation, fauna and traffic management when entering into the next stage of the Northern Territory assessment and approval processes for this proposal to proceed.”

The NT EPA has provided its Assessment Report to Jemena and the Minister for Environment and Natural Resources.

The Minister will now provide the report to the Minister for Primary Industry and Resources who will decide whether to issue a licence under the Energy Pipelines Act and the scope and nature of any conditions attached to the proposal, should it be approved.

Go to to view the NT EPA’s Assessment Report on the Northern Gas Pipeline.

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