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Public consultation on variation to the AAQ NEPM

28 May 2019

The National Environment Protection Council (NEPC) has released an impact statement and draft variation to the Ambient Air Quality NEPM in relation to its standards for ozone, nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide, and is inviting the public to provide comments on these documents.

The National Environment Protection (Ambient Air Quality) Measure (AAQ NEPM) establishes national ambient air quality standards and a national framework for the monitoring and reporting of six common air pollutants, including ozone (O3), nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and sulfur dioxide (SO2).

On 7 December 2018, Environment Ministers signalled their intention to vary the Ambient Air Quality NEPM for O3, NO2 and SO2 based on the latest scientific understanding of the health risks arising from these pollutants.

An impact statement and draft varied measure are required as part of the statutory process to vary a National Environment Protection Measure. This provides an opportunity for stakeholders to review and comment on the supporting evidence to vary the Ambient Air Quality NEPM for O3, NO2 and SO2 standards, and on the proposed variations themselves.

The public consultation period for the Impact Statement and draft varied Measure is now open. Submissions close on Wednesday, 7 August 2019.

Online submissions are preferred and can be made via:

More details on the Impact Statement and draft varied Measure, how to submit written comments, as well as scheduled information sessions can be found on the NEPC website.