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Waste & Pollution

You are the eyes, noses and ears of pollution control and management in the Northern Territory. The NT EPA’s Environmental Management group is tasked with promotion of waste avoidance, mitigation, re-use and recycling. If that fails or is impractical the group’s responsibility is to work with industry, local government and government agencies to regulate discharges in ways that protect our waterways, seas, air and soils from contamination. But if you see, hear or smell a likely pollution event we need to know. We cannot be everywhere at once and depend on the public to provide us with leads and information on pollution events.

If you become aware of pollution please call our a 24-hour community Pollution Hotline on 1800 064 567

In fulfilling our responsibilities we:

  • Provide advice to the Minister on amendments to legislation and policy on waste and pollution
  • Work with industry on minimising and eliminating waste and pollution
  • Provide information to promote community awareness and understanding of waste and pollution issues
  • Provide guidelines and codes of practice on managing waste and pollution
  • Provide technical support and education programs in consultation with industry, other government agencies, local government bodies and non-government organisations
  • Assess and advise on environmental monitoring programs
  • Develop waste management plans and strategies in consultation with local government bodies
  • Monitor air and water quality
  • Provide advice and assistance on oil spill contingency planning and developing guidelines for the prevention of coastal and marine pollution
  • Develop and maintain the NT portion of the Australian Coastal Atlas database function
  • License and approve the following activities: landfills, listed waste handlers, wastewater discharge and LNG/methanol manufacturing
  • Undertake enforcement of legislation and require audits of licensed activities and environmental contamination