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Qube Energy Pty Ltd

Contact Details
Licence General 24 Hour Emergency
EPL 244 Mr Teagan Peck
Supply Base Manager
08 8935 2712
0408 607 461
PO Box 1597, Berrimah, NT 0828
Mr Teagan Peck
Supply Base Manager
08 8935 2712
0408 607 461
Licence Details
Licence Activity Document Commence
EPL 244 Listed Waste Handler Environment Protection Licence 18 June 2018 17 June 2023 202 KB
Plans for Environmental Management
Licence Management Plan PDF
  There are currently no Plans  
Annual Returns (Annual Audit and Compliance Report)
An Annual Return (or Annual Audit and Compliance Report) is a self-assessment conducted by an approval holder or licensee. The NT EPA uses these reports to inform and prioritise NT EPA compliance activities. By making Annual Returns publicly available they provide the community and others with information
on the performance of approval holders and licensees.
Licence Report Report Period
Report Period
  There are currently no Reports      
Property Details
Licence Location of Premises / Operations Lot - Section - Portion Land Admin
EPL 244 16 Muramats Road, East Arm
18 Muramats Road, East Arm
Lot 6774
Lot 6176
Hundred of Bagot
Hundred of Bagot