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How to Apply

Guides and application forms for environment protection approvals and licences and waste discharge licences are provided below.

The NT EPA advises that the processing time for applications can be significant and is largely dependent on the quality and completeness of information provided in your application.

Environment protection approvals and licences and waste discharge licences take an average of 6 -8 weeks to assess and administer and may take up to 3 months depending on the complexity of the proposed activity.

The NT EPA strongly recommends that any application is submitted at least 90 business days prior to the commencement date of the associated activity or the expiry date of an existing approval or licence.

Environment Protection Approvals & Licences


Guides and Factsheets

NT EPA Online User Guide for a New Environment Protection Licence Application 3 MB
Fees Payable 88 KB


Apply Online -  for new Environment Protection Licence web link


Guides and Factsheets

Document PDF
Fees Payable 60KB
Guide to Environment Protection Approvals and Licences 2MB
Guide to Applying to have Commercially Confident information Withheld from the Public Register 162KB

Application Forms (Hard Copy)

Document DOCX
If you wish to renew or amend an existing EPL, please contact the NT EPA to discuss options available for applying.  
Commercially Confident Information Withheld from the Public Register 105KB
Review a Decision 85KB

Waste Discharge Licences


Document PDF
Guidelines on Waste Discharge Licences 268KB

Application Forms

Document DOCX
Waste Discharge Licence 62KB
Renew a Waste Discharge Licence 82KB
Amend a Waste Discharge Licence 82KB
Notification of Transfer 65KB
Notification of Surrender 62KB