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Power and Water Corporation (Leanyer-Sanderson)

Contact Details
Licence General 24 Hour Emergency
WDL 147 Water Services Executive Group
08 8985 7123
PO Box 37471 Winnellie, NT 0821
Power and Water Corporation Emergency Response Line
1800 245 090

Licence Details
Licence Activity Document Commence Date Expiry Date PDF
WDL 147 Sewage Waste Discharge Licence 15 April
14 April
8 MB

Plans for Environmental Management
Licence Management Plan PDF

There are currently no Plans

Annual Returns  (Annual Audit and Compliance Report)
An Annual Return (or Annual Audit and Compliance Report) is a self-assessment conducted by an approval holder or licensee. The NT EPA uses these reports to inform and prioritise NT EPA compliance activities. By making Annual Returns publicly available they provide the community and others with information
on the performance of approval holders and licensees.
Licence Report Report Period Commence Report Period End PDF
WDL 147 Annual Audit and Compliance Report 28 November 2013 2 December 2014 1.7 MB

Property Details
Licence Location of Premises / Operations Lot - Section - Portion Land Admin Location
WDL 147 141 Fitzmaurice Drive, Leanyer
99 Fitzmaurice Drive, Leanyer
Section 3388
Section 6204
Hundred of Bagot
Hundred of Bagot