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Compliance and Investigations

In accordance with the requirements of section 9 of the Act, the NT EPA is required to cause certain information to be available on a register and a member of the public may, on payment of the prescribed fee, if any, view the register at any time during the normal office hours of the NT EPA..

The NT EPA is committed to providing transparency in its dealings with waste and pollution matters and environmental protection by making information freely available on the website information including:

  • Approvals and Licences
    - Environment Protection Approvals
    - Environment Protection Licences
    - Plans for Environmental Management provided to the NT EPA in accordance with a condition of an environment protection approval or licence granted under the Act
  • Compliance Plans
  • Pollution Abatement Notices
  • Incidents reported in accordance with section 14 of the Act (Section 14 Incident Report(s)).

In addition, the NT EPA will make freely available information relating to:

  • Environmental Audits
  • Performance Agreements