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Compliance Plans

The purpose of a compliance plan is to enable a person who, for reasons satisfactory to the NT EPA, is or will be, unable to comply with a provision of the Regulations or of an environment protection objective.

A compliance plan provides for a staged approach to improvements that will enable at the conclusion of the program the person to comply with the provision.

Compliance plans may be voluntary, required by the NT EPA or be ordered by the Court.  Compliance plans must be approved by the NT EPA. Contravention or failure to comply with a compliance plan may be considered an offence under the Act.

Compliance plans may be amended or revoked by the NT EPA.  Voluntary compliance plans cannot be amended by the NT EPA without the consent of the person to whom the compliance plan relates.

Compliance must be achieved no later than 5 years after the commencement of a compliance plan.

Compliance plan(s) approved by the NT EPA are provided below.


There are currently no Compliance Plans available