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Pollution Abatement Notices

Pollution Abatement Notices (PANs) may be issued by the NT EPA to a person who:

(a) the NT EPA believes on reasonable grounds has committed or may commit an offence against section 83 (general environmental offence) or has contravened or failed to comply with section 12 (general environmental duty); or

(b) who is the owner or occupier of land that is polluted.

The NT EPA is required to cause a Pollution Abatement Notice to be lodged with the Registrar-General for him or her to keep on record in the Register kept by him or her under the Land Title Act.

The NT EPA may amend or revoke a pollution abatement notice.  The NT EPA is required to provide a copy of the amendment or revocation to the Registrar-General and the Registrar-General must amend or remove the Pollution Abatement Notice in the Register kept by him or her under the Land Title Act.

Pollution Abatement Notice(s) and Notice(s) of Amendment or Revocation of a Pollution Abatement Notice issued by the NT EPA are provided below.

NOTE: All notices issued under previous Department/Agency names are valid and are available on the NT EPA website

Issued To Date Notice Issued Amendment Notice Revocation Notice
Ronald Streten and Marie Streten21 May 2018
PDF |  100 KB
The Secretary of the Department of Defence22 September 2017
PDF |  1 MB
Elias Investments Pty Ltd13 July 2016
PDF |  269 KB
Ezion Offshore Logistics Hub (Tiwi) Pty Ltd 18 December
City of Palmerston 21 April 2015
PDF | 2.3 MB 
Mobil Oil Australia Pty Ltd 30 September 2014
PDF | 4.2 MB 
Viva Energy Australia Limited 26 September 2014
PDF | 11.6MB
Toga Constructions NT Pty Limited 9 May 2014
PDF | 7.9MB
Ausco Modular Pty Ltd 15 April 2014
PDF | 15.5MB
12 May 2014
PDF | 128KB
Paul McNally 15 April 2014
PDF | 3.5MB
Darwin Port Corporation 24 May 2010
PDF | 160KB
NA 7 February 2012
Darwin Port Corporation 23 April 2010
PDF | 62KB
NA 20 April 2011
Oz Minerals Ltd 21 April 2010
PDF | 62KB
NA 20 April 2011