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Due Diligence Requests

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The information sought after in a Due Diligence request relates to information held on the public registers, as set out below, as required under the Waste Management and Pollution Control Act and Environmental Assessment Act, therefore may not be a full assessment of Pollution incidents or contamination related to the named property. The following items form part of the information contained on the Public Registers which are available on the NT EPA website:

  • Environment Protection Approvals
  • Environment Protection Licences
  • Plans for Environment Management provided to the NT EPA in accordance with the Licence
  • Pollution Abatement Notices
  • Incidents notified to the NT EPA as per section 14 of the Waste Management and Pollution Control Act
  • Environmental Assessment projects (EIS and PER) under the Environmental Assessment Act
  • NOTE:

    • There is no fee for NT EPA Due Diligence Requests
    • Requests take at least 10 working days.


    Environmental Audits & Contaminated Land

    Environmental Audits information can be found at

    Contaminated Land Information is found at
    Environmental Approvals and Licences - including Plans

    The Public Register for Environmental Approvals and Licences can be found at

    Environmental Impact Assessments

    Environmental Impact Assessments - EIS and PER - can be found at