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Fact Sheets

Fact Sheets are designed to support Standards or Guidelines or provide specific information on other Waste and Pollution matters.  Fact Sheets are generally brief, one or two page documents that provide information in a dot point format.

Document / Page Type
Contacts for Responsible Agencies for Waste and Pollution Incidents PDF 98.4 KB
Asbestos Regulators and information sources in the NT PDF 2.3 MB
Blue Green Algae PDF 436.0 KB
Complaint Management Process PDF 143.8 KB
Complaint - Lodging a complaint PDF 176.2 KB
Dealing with neighbourhood noise PDF 102.6 KB
EPL Online User Guide (NT EPA Online) PDF 3.0 MB
Fees Payable for Environment Protection Licences PDF 239.0 KB
How to avoid the dangers of accepting illegal fill onto your land PDF 83.9 KB
Illegal dumping - what you need to know PDF 3.0 MB
Land Development and Assessments Flow Chart PDF 440.7 KB
Register of Qualified Persons PDF 33.6 KB