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There are two main alternatives to lightweight plastic bags:

‘Green bags’

‘Green Bags’ are a heavy polypropylene plastic bag designed to be reused over 100 times.

Compared to cloth, paper and lightweight plastic bags, green reusable bags use less materials, generate less CO2 (a greenhouse gas), consume less energy and use less water when sufficiently reused.

‘Green bags’ are washable and, after an average two years of use, recyclable.

To get the full environmental benefits from a ‘green bag’ it must be reused over 100 times.

Biodegradable or compostable bags

Biodegradable bags are an effective alternative in reducing environmental litter and reducing dangers to wild life, particularly marine animals.

There are a range of alternative bags across the Territory

Alternate BagsAlternate BagsAlternate BagsAlternate BagsAlternate Bags