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Retailer Information and Resources

NOTE: Documents are currently being updated and will be available soon. Please contact our office if you require a document

Retailers are required to comply with the plastic bag ban, which came into full effect on 1 September 2011.

Territory retailers can no longer supply lightweight, single use, non-biodegradable plastic bags.

The Retailer Information Kit and assistance is available via the phone hotline 1800 752 632 and staff are available to help you comply with this important initiative.

This ban prohibits retailers from selling or giving away plastic bags with handles and made entirely or partly of polyethylene polymer less than 35 microns thick, including those marked degradable.

Retailers can provide customers with a range of alternate bags. Some options that will remain available include:

  • Reusable ‘Green bags’ (heavy polypropylene plastic bags designed to be reused over 100 times)
  • Heavier retail (or boutique) bags, typically used by clothing and department stores.
  • Biodegradable bags that state they meet the Australian Standard AS 4736-2006.
  • Paper bags.
  • Barrier bags, the type dispensed from a roll, typically for items such as loose fruit and vegetables.

Remember, degradable bags (often marketed as biobags or biodegradable bags) are not the same as Australian Standard compliant biodegradable bags. Only biodegradable (compostable) bags that comply with Australian Standard AS4736-2006 will be permitted.

Fines will apply if you sell or give away banned plastic bags.

Retailer Resources

The following resources are available to provide more detailed information and to help retailers with compliance, by contacting our office via email or 08 8924 4218:

  • Retailer Information Kit
  • Retailer Fact sheet
    • May 2011
    • July 2011
  • Counter notice sign
    • Retailers are still encouraged to display at every register. Ensure the minimum size of this notice is 95mm (height) x 150mm (width), unless and electronic message is used on the cash screen.
  • A4 Poster
    • Available for display at shop fronts or key community places to inform the public about the plastic bag ban.

The Retailer Information Kit provides clear details of alternative bags that can be provided and suppliers of such bags. Please note, the Territory Government does not endorse any one supplier.

The Retailer Information Kit was posted to retailers prior to the phase-out. If you did not receive a hard copy please email to register your details.

If you have any questions about the plastic bag ban phone 1800 752 632.