The following projects assessments are currently on hold for a range of reasons.


EIS = Environmental Impact Statement
ER = Public Environmental Report
ToR = Terms of Reference

Project and proponent details
Stage reached and date on hold
Bayview Boulevard
Proponent/company: Dover Investments Pty Ltd
Date: 2018         
Clarence Strait Tidal Energy Project
Proponent/company: Tenax Energy Pty Ltd
Date: 2016
Darwin Condensate Facility
Proponent/company: Darwin Clean Fuels Pty Ltd
Draft EIS
Date: 2006
Frances Creek Elizabeth Marion area
Proponent/company:Territory Iron Pty Ltd
Date: 2017
Marine Harvest Barramundi Fish Farm Snake Bay (Melville Island)
Proponent/company: Marine Harvest
Draft EIS
Date: 2006
Mt Grace – Batchelor magnesium project – EIS
Proponent/company: Mt Grace Resources Limited
EIS Supplement
Date: November 2002
Papua New Guinea to Queensland Gas Pipeline Project – Gove Lateral
Proponent/company: APC
Draft EIS Guidelines
Date: September 2006
NT Red Claw
Proponent/company: Robert Cunningham
Final EIS Guidelines
Date: 2005
Ranger 3 Deeps Underground Mine
Proponent/company: Energy Resources of Australia Ltd
Draft EIS
Date: 2019
Tropical Tidal Testing Centre
Proponent/company: Tenax Energy Pty Ltd
Date: 2017
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