Mt Grace Resources NL has submitted a Notice of Intent with the Department of   Lands Planning and Environment, detailing a proposal to construct a Magnesium   Mine and Smelter on Mineral Lease Number 1984, 300m south of the Batchelor –   Stuart Highway road, 4km east of the Batchelor Township

The mine will be open cut, the depth of which will be dependent on the   economic viability of the ore. Currently a 30-year life has been proposed, but   as the ore body is open at depth, this could extend further. Ore will be   extracted on a campaign basis with stockpiling of several years’ supply from a   single campaign dry season.

The milling process will consist of a crushing, grinding and flotation   circuit feeding into a rotary kiln and then further into a 'Heggie' furnace   involving an electric plasma arc. From this magnesium metal and a substance   similar to garnet is produced. The milling process is energy intensive and will   require approximately 70kW of power during peak operation. It is intended that   this power will be sourced from the Darwin grid.

Magnesium metal ingots will be shipped out of Darwin.

Transport to Darwin   will be via Road Train. The project is located 4km to the west of Batchelor along the Batchelor-Stuart Hwy road.

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