Contact details
LicenceGeneral24 hour emergency
WDL 230Water Services Executive
08 8985 7123
0401 117 644
PO BOX 37471, Winnellie NT 0810
Power Water Corporation
Emergency Response Line
1800 245 090
Licence details
LicenceActivityDocumentCommence dateExpiry date
WDL 230SewageWaste Discharge Licence PDF (2.8 MB)10 December 201910 December 2021
Plans for Environmental Plans
LicenceManagement Plan
  There are currently no plans.
Annual Returns (Annual Audit and Compliance Report)
An Annual Return (or Annual Audit and Compliance Report) is a self-assessment conducted by an approval holder or licensee. The NT EPA uses these reports to inform and prioritise NT EPA compliance activities. By making Annual Returns publicly available they provide the community and others with information on the performance of approval holders and licensees.
LicenceReportReport Period
Report Period
  There are currently no reports.  
Property details
LicenceLocation of premises / operationsLot - Section - PortionLand admin location
WDL 230Gapuwiyak Ponds Access RoadNT Portion 1646Gapuwiyak

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Waste discharge sites
WDL 230 Power and Water Gapuwiyak
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