Welcome to the NT EPA consultation hub

The Northern Territory Environment Protection Authority (NT EPA) publishes guidelines, reports and environmental assessment documents for public comment on its Consultation Hub.

As well as increasing transparency and providing opportunities for public involvement on its own guidelines and reports, providing opportunities for public participation and consultation is an integral part of environmental impact assessment in the Northern Territory.

How do I get involved?

Environmental impact assessment refers to the process of assessing the potential environmental impacts of a proposed action or development. The process is administered under the Environment Protection Act 2019, which enables statutory decision-makers to make informed decisions about whether a project with potentially significant environmental effects should proceed.

Members of the public can participate in the environmental impact assessment process by providing written comments at various stages of the process, when the material is published on this website.

The NT EPA has prepared guidance for making a public submission PDF (260.9 KB) that outlines when comments will be sought, how to make an effective comment and what will happen to your comment. Consultation helps the NT EPA and proponent to identify issues of concern and potential effects, as well as get feedback from stakeholders on project options or potential mitigation measures

As well as opportunities for public comment in the environmental impact assessment process, the NT EPA regularly consults with the public when developing guidance and reports.

How to have your say

Go to the consultation hub to view what is open for public comment.

The NT EPA invites interested persons or organisations to make written submissions either :

  • going to the open consultation page you wish to submit comments on and click on the 'submit your comments' button or
  • by post to NT Environment Protection Authority, GPO Box 3675, Darwin NT 0801

Environmental impact assessment submissions can be made by email to

Submissions on guidance material can be made by email to

What happens to my comments?

When you make a submission on an environmental impact assessment, it will be referred to the proponent of the proposal to assist in completing the environmental impact assessment. It will also be reviewed and considered by the NT EPA when the NT EPA makes its Assessment Report.

When you make a submission to the NT EPA on a draft environmental guideline or report, your comment will be considered by the NT EPA when it finalises the environmental guideline or report.

Written submissions will be published on the NT EPA website, unless anonymity or withholding of comments is requested. Members of the public who wish their comments to remain confidential or anonymous should specify this in the comments. Anonymised comments will be provided to the proponent during an environmental impact assessment. Comments will not be withheld in full.

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