Public registers

The NT EPA is committed to providing transparency by making information available on its website.

Under its various legislation, the NT EPA maintains a number of public registers. Public registers broadly contain the following:

  • licences and approvals granted by the NT EPA
  • plans for environmental management provided to the NT EPA in accordance with a condition of an environment protection approval or a licence
  • compliance plans
  • pollution abatement notices
  • incidents of which the NT EPA is notified under section 14 of the Waste Management and Pollution Control Act 1998 (incidents causing or threatening to cause pollution)
  • environmental audits
  • qualified persons (auditors)
  • performance agreements
  • environmental impact assessments including proposals that do not require environmental impact assessment.

While all environmental impact assessment reports are available on this website some historical environmental impact assessment material may only be viewed by arranging a visit to the NT EPA office. Contact us to arrange a visit.

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