Open consultations

The NT EPA publishes a range of guidelines, reports and environmental impact assessment documents for public comment.

Completed environmental impact assessments can be found on the public register.

Final versions of guidelines and reports can be found under publications and advice.

The following material is currently available for public comment.

Preparing a proponent initiated EIS referral

Closes 20 Aug 2020

The NT EPA has prepared draft guidance for proponents referring a Proponent Initiated Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) referral for consideration under the Environment Protection Act 2019.

Finniss Lithium Project BP33 Underground Mine

Closes 10 Aug 2020

Core Lithium Limited is proposing to develop and operate an underground lithium mine at the BP33 resource on the Cox Peninsula approximately 33 km west of Berry Springs. The NT EPA invites public submissions to be made on this referral.

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