Report pollution

Report a pollution problem or complaint

You can report a pollution problem or complaint through our hotline number or online.

In some cases, we may not be the appropriate agency to help you. View our list of responsible agency contacts PDF (186.6 KB) or refer to contacts listed below.

You can remain anonymous when reporting pollution or lodging a complaint.

However, with no or limited contact information, this may reduce the ability of the NT EPA to investigate the complaint/problem. Remaining anonymous will also prevent us from responding to you on the results of any investigation.

NT EPA pollution hotline

Phone: 1800 064 567

  • Free call 24 hour service
  • In an emergency or life threatening situation, call 000.

Report online

You can report your pollution problem or complaint online via the NT EPA pollution reporting online form.

Reporting contacts

See our Reporting pollution brochure PDF (2.4 MB) for further information.

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