Your environment

You are the eyes, noses and ears of pollution control and management in the Northern Territory.

The NT EPA's Environmental Management group is tasked with promotion of waste avoidance, mitigation, re-use and recycling.

If that fails or is impractical the group’s responsibility is to work with industry, local government and government agencies to regulate discharges in ways that protect our waterways, seas, air and soils from contamination.

But if you see, hear or smell a likely pollution event we need to know. We cannot be everywhere at once and depend on the public to provide us with leads and information on pollution events.

If you become aware of pollution please call our a 24-hour community Pollution Hotline on 1800 064 567.

Read more about how we fulfil our responsibilities.

Information about the environment

  • The NT Government has conducted particulate monitoring in the Darwin region since 2004.

  • As exposure is potentially harmful a range of regulators governing contact, removal and disposal of asbestos in the NT.

  • The NT EPA manages assessments of site contamination in the NT.

  • Information on the NT's Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) including collection depot locations and business hours.

  • Information about the National Pollutant Inventory.

  • Information on the types of noise pollution and how to make a noise complaints.

  • Information about PFAS in the NT and relevant strategies.

  • Information on how we recycle and reuse in the NT and information on the NT's container deposit scheme.

  • The NT has a wide diversity of waters, read information on how to manage this resource.

  • Information on what is considered 'waste' and the companies licensed to handle waste in the NT.

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