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Opened 20 Apr 2022

Closes 15 Jul 2022

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AAPowerlink Australia Assets Pty Ltd is proposing to establish a large-scale solar farm and energy storage facility in the Barkly region, NT, with power exported via a high-voltage direct current transmission network to Murrumujuk on Gunn Point Peninsula, north-east of Darwin, and then sub-sea cable through NT, National and International waters to Singapore.

The NT EPA invites public comment on the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the Australia-Asia PowerLink submitted by AAPowerlink Australia Assets Pty Ltd.

Why we are consulting

Your feedback plays an important role and will be considered by the NT EPA during the environmental impact assessment process, including in deciding whether additional information to the EIS is required, and in preparing its advice to the NT Minister for the Environment about the acceptability of the proposal.

Consultation helps the NT EPA and proponent to identify issues of concern and potential effects, as well as get feedback from stakeholders on project options or potential mitigation measures.

The NT EPA has prepared guidance for making a public submission PDF (260.9 KB) that outlines when comments will be sought, how to make an effective comment and what will happen to your comment.

Statutory notice 20 April 2022

The NT EPA invites public comment on the EIS for the Australia-Asia PowerLink project.

The EIS documents can be inspected and obtained on this webpage, and at the following locations:

  • Adelaide River Post Office Store, 1 Stuart Highway, Adelaide River
  • Barkly Regional Council Office, 41 Peko Road Tennant Creek NT
  • Elliott Post Office, Elliott
  • Environment Centre Northern Territory, Unit 3, 98 Woods Street, Darwin
  • Katherine Public Library, Level 1, Randazzo Centre, Katherine Terrace, Katherine
  • Northern Land Council, 45 Mitchell Street, Darwin
  • Northern Territory Library, Parliament House, Darwin
  • Victoria Daly Regional Council – Pine Creek Office, 55 Moule Street, Pine Creek

Interested persons may make a submission by 15 July 2022 . All submissions will be treated as public documents unless confidentiality is requested. The NT EPA publishes this notice in accordance with regulation 133 of the Environment Protection Regulations 2020.

EIS Documents Type
EIS Executive Summary PDF 3.9 MB
Glossary of Terms and Acronyms PDF 385.8 KB
Summary of contents PDF 448.5 KB
Chapter 1 - Introduction PDF 11.7 MB
Chapter 2 - 01 - Proposal description PDF 16.1 MB
Chapter 2 - 02 - Proposal description PDF 10.6 MB
Chapter 3 - Impact assessment PDF 641.1 KB
Chapter 4 - Terrestrial environment quality PDF 5.5 MB
Chapter 5 - Terrestrial ecosystems PDF 11.7 MB
Chapter 6 - Hydrological processes PDF 14.4 MB
Chapter 7 - Inland water environment quality PDF 4.0 MB
Chapter 8 - Aquatic ecosystems PDF 5.9 MB
Chapter 9 - Marine environment quality PDF 10.1 MB
Chapter 10 - Marine ecosystems PDF 10.9 MB
Chapter 11 - Air quality PDF 6.2 MB
Chapter 12 - Atmospheric processes PDF 792.0 KB
Chapter 13 - Community and economy PDF 2.6 MB
Chapter 14 - Culture and heritage PDF 4.9 MB
Chapter 15 - Human health PDF 5.3 MB
Chapter 16 - Matters of National Environmental Significance PDF 2.1 MB
Chapter 17 - Environmental management PDF 1.0 MB
Chapter 18 - Whole of environment PDF 393.7 KB
Appendix A - EIS Terms of Reference Cross Reference Table PDF 525.3 KB
Appendix B - Requirements of the Environment Protection Act Sections 42 and 43 PDF 267.1 KB
Appendix C - Other Matters Required by Schedule 4 of the EPBC Regulations PDF 307.1 KB
Appendix D - EIS team PDF 835.1 KB
Appendix E - Impact assessment registers PDF 1.8 MB
Appendix F - Stakeholder consultation report PDF 3.6 MB
Appendix G - Economic assessment PDF 13.8 MB
Appendix H - Carbon Emissions Study and GHG Abatement Plan PDF 1.4 MB
Appendix I - Social impact assessment PDF 8.6 MB
Appendix J - Social impact management plan PDF 2.0 MB
Appendix K - Traffic impact study PDF 3.0 MB
Appendix L - Noise technical memo PDF 9.1 MB
Appendix M - Erosion hazard assessment PDF 4.9 MB
Appendix N - Flood modelling report PDF 11.3 MB
Appendix O-1 - Terrestrial Ecology Report for Solar Precinct PDF 6.3 MB
Appendix O-2 - Terrestrial Ecology Report for Solar Precinct PDF 16.3 MB
Appendix O-3 - Terrestrial Ecology Report for Solar Precinct - Appendix A PDF 9.2 MB
Appendix O-4 - Terrestrial Ecology Report for Solar Precinct - Appendix A sub appendices PDF 11.0 MB
Appendix O-5 - Terrestrial Ecology Report for Solar Precinct - Appendix B, C, D, E, F, G, H PDF 14.2 MB
Appendix P-1 - Terrestrial Ecology Report for OHTL and Murrumujuk PDF 17.8 MB
Appendix P-2 - Terrestrial Ecology Report for OHTL and Murrumujuk PDF 12.9 MB
Appendix P-3 - Terrestrial Ecology Report for OHTL and Murrumujuk PDF 665.5 KB
Appendix Q - Weed management plan PDF 4.2 MB
Appendix R - Marine modelling report PDF 5.3 MB
Appendix S - Marine environmental quality report PDF 6.0 MB
Appendix T - Marine ecology report PDF 14.4 MB
Appendix U - Air quality impact assessment PDF 6.4 MB
Appendix V - Heritage impact assessment - Solar Precinct PDF 14.2 MB
Appendix W-1 - Heritage Impact Assessment OHTL KP77 to Murrumujuk PDF 3.6 MB
Appendix W-2 - Heritage Impact Assessment OHTL KP77 to Murrumujuk - sub appendices PDF 18.6 MB
Appendix X - Heritage Impact Assessment - Subsea Cable System PDF 2.8 MB
Appendix Y - Industry capability network PDF 8.9 MB

For more information about the referral go to the environmental impact assessment register for the Australia-Asia Powerlink Project.

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